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URGENT: Proposed Gypsy/Traveller site : Greengates Farm, Cwttir Lane St Asaph

The City Council vehemently objects to Denbighshire County Council’s proposal to site 2 Gypsy/Traveller sites on land at Grengates Farm. We are urging everyone who is against this proposal to submit their objections to DCC before the closing date of the of 25th November. The submission of your objections is in addition to you signing the petition which is available in many city businesses.

If anyone is unsure as to how to make their objections, the City Council is holding an advisory drop in at St Asaph Library on Thursday 22nd November 2.00 to 7.00 pm.

The City Mayor, Cllr Colin Hardie says:
It is really important that the residents/businesses of St Asaph and surrounding communities make their feelings known to Denbighshire County Council as it is only by having a strong, united objection to this proposal that it will be stopped.

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