St.Asaph City Council -precept 2014

Posted on: 22nd Jan 2014

After lengthy discussions St. Asaph City councilors have taken the decision to increase the precept for 2014/15 to £54.210.00.This is an increase of £2253.00 on the current precept. This equates to a 3% or £1.13p increase for Band D households

John Roberts, Mayor of St Asaph stated, “In the current economic climate we do realize that any increase in Council Tax bills will be unwelcome, however, we are faced with increasing overheads such as increases in utility charges. In order to maintain our services to the community we need to introduce this increase.”

A St. Asaph resident living in a Band D level property currently pays £37.87 per annum of their total Council Tax bill to St. Asaph City Council. This will increase to £39.00 next year.