Flood Awareness

Please see below for a sample flood plan is below, which you can adapt for your household’s needs.

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Flood Group Meetings

Report from Steve Morris

This morning (4th December) I attended the first (virtual) meeting of the reformed Flood & Community Emergency Action group.

This group has been formed by the City Council to highlight issues of concern regarding flooding to the relevant authorities.

As a result of discussions in the meeting we have decided to prioritise the following issues:

  • pinch points/areas where the river overtopped the defences in February;
  • the suitability and design of the culvert beneath Lower Denbigh Road;
  • capacity of the surface water holding tank beneath the Bowling Green car park and what could be done to relieve the back pressure on the drains.

The group will be making contact with the relevant authorities responsible for each of these so that residents’ concerns can be highlighted and to find out what, if anything, can be done to avoid future problems.

Along with these three main issues, we also discussed the cleaning of culverts and the new NRW river level app.

The next meeting will be held before the end of December and any progress will be fed back to the community. If anyone has anything they would like to raise with the group, please feel free to post on the Facebook Group website https://www.facebook.com/groups/469294483255384/

or e-mail Jill Ellison, City Clerk on: clerk@stasaphcitycouncil.gov.uk